Home Cooking: The Quickest Way to Improve Your Health

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Restaurant and fast foods are frequently filled with unhealthy fats, preservatives, additives, and excess sugars and salt.  By cooking fresh whole foods at home, we’re better able to control the quality of what we eat and quickly improve our overall health. We often dine out or pick up fast food when we’re pushed for time.  Living a full and engaged life doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your well-being by short-changing your diet. A way to streamline your cooking life is to grocery shop only once during the week.  Make a list, take it with you and get everything you need.  This will save you time and unnecessary trips running back to the store which let’s face it….is unlikely … KEEP READING…

Making the Sugar Connection

Lisa StoryConscious Eating, Conscious Living

Sugar Connections

While driving my son to soccer practice, I reached over and picked up my favorite organic 73% dark chocolate bar.  I was about to take a bite when I heard, “Mom…don’t eat that chocolate.  It makes you cranky.”  I was caught off guard by those words and quickly began to defend my chocolate honor.  “There are antioxidants in the chocolate, Sam.  It is good for me.”  For goodness sake, I am a Certified Health Coach, I should know what is good for me and what is not!  But, the truth is, my son was right.  The sugar in that chocolate bar does make me feel a bit cranky.  Well….first I feel uplifted and fabulous and then I come crashing down….feeling … KEEP READING…

The Best Place to Shop REAL Fresh & Healthy Foods.

Lisa StoryConscious Eating, Conscious Living

My local tomato source!

This past weekend, I went to see the movie Frozen with my sister.  On the way there, she remarked to me about how confusing it is to know how to eat healthfully.   She had read an article about foods that cause inflammation which contradicted other information she had read previously. This happens frequently.  One day, we read about a study that evokes the benefits of coffee, red wine, or salmon.  The next day we read an article that speaks to the health damaging effects of the same foods.  What is a person to do? Additionally, we are inundated with information about the latest, greatest diets.  Paleo, Raw, Atkins, The Virgin Diet and hundreds, literally hundreds more out there.  My thoughts … KEEP READING…