Lake Tahoe

Summer is just around the corner!

The days are longer, vacations are on the horizon, and rejuvenation is in the air!  This is the perfect time for busy women and moms like yourself to reflect on your health and well-being, make needed adjustments to your lifestyle or diet, and restore your energy.

Have you been ignoring your own self-care or health issues? 

Have you fallen to the bottom of your own daily to-do list? 

It’s not uncommon to struggle with sugar cravings, excess weight, chronic health challenges and stress.  Let’s face it…we have a lot to do each and every day and often do so feeling less than our best and overwhelmed.

Here is what I know and believe to be true with every fiber of my being.

Reducing or eliminating sugar cravings is possible.

Losing weight and feeling strong is possible.

Sleeping soundly and breathing deeply is possible.

Having abundant energy is possible.

Creating peaceful moments no matter what is happening around you is possible.

Preparing simple, fresh whole foods to nourish yourself and your family is possible

You deserve to feel your best.  And…to support you I’m offering something special this summer.

Step into Your Radiance…An 8 week group health coaching program.

We’ll meet on Tuesdays (6/30-8/18) from 4:30pm-6:30pm in a nurturing environment.  Together we’ll learn, have fun and create a beautiful foundation of self-care habits for you to carry with you into the fall season and beyond.  This is a delicious opportunity to take care of you and set the rest of your year up for success.

This program is being offered to a sacred group of 5 women only.

The program includes:

  • 8 – 2 hour group health coaching sessions (in person)
  • Email support in between sessions
  • A special 3 hour workshop on Deciphering Food Labels, Conscious Menu Planning & Budget-Grocery Shopping Friendly 
  • A variety of handouts, recipes and other goodies to support your program
  • Hands-on learning in the kitchen (homemade almond milk, coconut yogurt, salad jars, green smoothies, and a variety of other nourishing goodies)

During this program you can expect to:

  • Receive unwavering, rock solid, loving support
  • Learn how to prepare and enjoy a fresh, seasonal, whole foods diet
  • Explore ways to reduce stress, relax more, feel happier, and experience more joy
  • Understand and experiment with different exercise programs to find the one that suits you best
  • Be encouraged to develop and strengthen your intuition and trust your body
  • Practice loving and accepting yourself unconditionally

I’m a working mom and over the years, I’ve experienced my own health challenges.  At times I’ve felt hopeless, stressed and like my own body was letting me down.  After the birth of both my children, who are now 24 and 14, I experienced postpartum depression.  Stress and anxiety led to digestive issues.  I had a difficult time maintaining my weight and felt depleted and exhausted much of the time.

I began to get well and feel like myself again when I reached out for support, began creating self-care habits that left me feeling nourished and energized, and started eating a fresh, seasonal whole foods diets.

It is completely possible to create healing in the body and feel radiant by taking small steps each day to nurture and nourish ourselves.

Benefits of the Step into Your Radiance 8 week summer health coaching program include:

  • Achieving and maintaining optimal weight
  • Having vibrant energy
  • Feeling confident in the kitchen
  • Experiencing appreciation and love for your body
  • Feeling strong and vital
  • Living a life that is well-balanced
  • Learning self-care habits that will empower your wellness

To learn more or reserve your space in the Step into Your Radiance Summer Health Coaching Program email

There are only 5 spots available!