Revive Your Life:
3-Day Spring Cleanse & Gentle Detox

Monday, April 7th-Wednesday, April 9th

Lisa Story The Conscious Health Coach Spring CleanseSpring is a wonderful time to cleanse and detox our bodies. Naturally we tend to clean and clear things out of our life during this season. Our body is the perfect place to begin.  When we FEEL a sense of vitality, energy, and renewal…these feelings translate to every area of our life.  You deserve to feel your very best!

This program is about eating real food.  Fresh food.  Seasonal food.  And…gentle self-care practices.

Here are the benefits of doing the 3-day Gentle Spring Cleanse:

Lose weight
Increase your energy
Balance your mood
Strengthen your immune system
Release stored and unwanted toxins
Reduce inflammation
Improve digestion
Restful sleep

During the cleanse you can expect to be guided by a well-planned program and nurturing support system.  This will create an easy and fun experience that benefits not only you, but your entire family as well!

Here is what is included in your program:

9 NEW Spring 2014 Recipes
BONUS recipes and lifestyle suggestions to support your transition off of the cleanse
The 2014 Revive Your Life: 3-Day Spring Cleanse & Gentle Detox Guide
Shopping list (to make your life easier)
Pre-cleanse teleclass to prepare you for a fabulous experience (Thursday, April 3rd at noon, PST)
Private Facebook Support Group page
Unwavering support and encouragement from me

Cost:  $49 (Registration closed)

Here is what you can expect when you register:

Monday, 3/31 at 6am (PST):  Revive Your Life:  3-Day Spring Cleanse & Gentle Detox Guide will be released to give you a week to prepare.  This guide will include your menu plan for the three cleansing days, the recipes, and the shopping list.  There will be supplemental cleansing suggestions for our program.  They are all easy to implement and go a long way towards enhancing your experience.  You will receive a newly created food journal so you can begin tracking current eating patterns, food cravings, and emotional eating habits.  Information and awareness is power!

This program will include a new and expanded section to provide helpful information, menu suggestions and additional recipes for transitioning from the gentle detox menu to a clean eating plan and lifestyle.  Some of my participants choose to continue clean eating immersion in order to extend the positive benefits of weight loss, increased energy, improved sleep, and more balanced mood that they enjoy.  This added information has been added to support you in your overall health journey.

A helpful teleclass:  Revive Your Life:  Preparing for a Successful Cleanse on Thurday, April 3rd at noon (PST).  During the first 30-40 minutes, practical information will be presented to support you in making the most of your cleanse experience with absolute ease.  Then, you will have the opportunity to ask questions live.  I won’t hang up until every question has been answered.  The call will be recorded for those who aren’t able to participate in the live class or for those who would like to go back and listen again.

Spring Cleanse dates:  Monday, 4/7-Wednesday, 4/9.  However, please know that this program is designed with flexibility in mind.  You may choose to participate on the days that work best for your schedule.

A Revive Your Life:  3-Day Spring Cleanse & Gentle Detox Facebook Group is part of the program for those who enjoy this type of sharing, support, and interaction.  We share photos of our food, details about our day, ask questions about recipes, and encourage one another.  However, being on the Facebook group is not a requirement to participate in the program.

We will cleanse together as a group on Monday, 4/7-Wednesday, 4/9.  Keep in mind that your program guide and materials are created for ease of flexibility.  You may always choose to cleanse on the days that work best for you and participate with the group to the degree that you wish.

Support from me:  I am here to support and encourage you 100%.  This means that if questions or concerns arise during the duration of the program which begins the moment you sign up to the week after our program officially ends…I am available.  You may email me, reach out on Facebook, or even pick up the phone and give me a call.  This is an important aspect of this program.  I want you to know that you will be supported every step of the way.

Cost:  $49 (Registration closed)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

I participated in your previous 3-day Cleanse and Gentle Detox Programs.  Is this the same program? 

In some ways yes and in other ways no.  It is the same general program format, but with NEW material and recipes specific to cleansing during the spring season. Additionally, this program includes new information to support those who wish to expand and continue their clean eating experience with supplemental menu suggestions and recipes.

My spouse or partner would like to cleanse with me.  Do I need to purchase the program for him as well? 

Absolutely not!  This program is for you to enjoy with any members of your family who live with you. However, I do ask that you be respectful of the online nature of the program and not share recipes or materials with friends, co-workers, or neighbors. There is a lot of work that goes into creating this program and while I LOVE supporting everyone on their path to wellness…my work is also the way I help to support myself and my family.

I am a busy mom who is also preparing meals for my family.  How can I participate while still tending to my family?

All the recipes can be fed to your family throughout the week.  It is easy to add roasted chicken or grilled fish to the dishes to make a heartier and more substantial meal for them.  Some of my past cleansers have shared that their husband and kids enjoyed the recipes very much and as a result the whole family began eating more healthfully.  All the recipes can be modified to accommodate more or less people eating.

I can’t participate during the week that the 3-Day Gentle Spring Cleanse is happening, but I would like the recipes and program materials.  Can I still sign up?

Of course!  The beauty of this program is you can do it anytime that is convenient for you.

What if I get hungry or feel weak during the cleanse?  I have a busy workday and exercise daily.  Can I cleanse while keeping up with my daily schedule?

There are many options and modifications that will be offered during the cleanse to ensure that you have the energy you need for your daily life.  Doing the cleanse does not require that your life come to a halt.  We will be reviewing all of your options and modifications during the pre-cleanse tele-class.

Do I have to follow the recipes exactly?

No.  You are strongly encouraged to make this program work for you.  If you need any assistance in substituting an ingredient that you may be allergic or sensitive to or that you simply don’t like, please let me know.

Will we be fasting?

Absolutely not!  This program is about eating delicious REAL food and cleansing gently.

Will we be “drinking” our meals (ie; smoothies or shakes)?

Nope.  While this cleanse will include a few blended smoothies and juices, it will also include salads, soups, non-gluten grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. This cleanse is perfect for those who want to detoxify gently while eating wholesome and nourishing foods.

I can’t attend the teleclass.  Is there another way to receive the class information?

Yes.  The teleclass will be recorded so that everyone can listen to it at their convenience.

I’m not on Facebook.  Can I still participate in the program?

Most definitely.  Facebook is NOT a requirement.  It is an added support tool for those who are on it.  For those who are not…you will still receive the same information and can always email me directly for questions or if you have comments.

Cost:  $49 (Registration closed) 

 Rave Reviews from Past Participants

“Just wanted to follow up this cleanse with a hearty Thank You to Lisa Story. I really enjoyed the Winter Cleanse for several reasons. The recipes were great, some of my favs include the Sweet Potato Delight, Cranberry-Cacao Smoothie, Spinach Salad with Black Bean Hummus, and the Cream of Broccoli Soup. I also have fallen in love with how I feel during and after one of Lisa’s cleanses. I like the clearer mornings with more energy and the lighter feeling in general. The timing …was also perfect, as I have been feeling off due to holiday over indulgences plus a few added pounds. I feel like I have started off the New Year by pushing the *reset* button. I was also happy to not have suffered from some of the previous detox symptoms such as headache or constipation that I have had in past cleanses. I think each experience is different with cleansing with Lisa’s programs, but always the same outcome, feeling really great! Looking forward to the next one!!!”~Rene’ W., CA

“Wow, I feel terrific today. The cleanse was certainly what I needed. (I am on my last day.) The sweet potato breakfast is my favorite and I am going to continue having it! Thank you for all of the good info, and support. Your care and concern is heartwarming.” ~Pam P., CA

 “I love all your cleanse recipes and always feel good afterwards. You have the best recipes ever!!!” ~Gloria H., AZ

“Thank you! What a great experience. I was so impressed with the amount of support you so graciously extended. That was refreshing. My husband joined me in the cleanse and we both became aware of some interesting things during the process. I, for one , realized it’s so much easier to stay on track eating healthy when you have your meals planned out in advance. I will definitely use the recipes again. The black bean humus was delish! Again, thank you for helping to support  us along the way to creating healthier habits. You are a wealth of knowledge!!” ~Monica H., CA

“We used the cleanse for inspiration to continue improving on our food choices. I have really changed the way I eat and I love the way I feel…(or don’t, when I eat sugar, flour and processed foods.) Thank you for the great recipes!” ~Kim F., CA