My passion is in teaching women how to prepare fresh whole foods and care for themselves so they glow and are energized by joy. I’ve had had the honor and pleasure of working with many women who’ve experienced numerous benefits as we’ve worked together creating radiant health. But don’t just take my word for it. Read what my clients have to say about working with me:

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 A few more kind words…

For my birthday, my husband gave me six months of coaching with Lisa. When I began the program, I was recovering from significant health problems, and had just fully detoxed my body from harmful medications I had been on.

This is where Lisa entered my life ~ to guide and support me with staying on a healthy path. I learned so much from Lisa and received many easy and delicious recipes to keep me eating healthfully, including learning how to decipher food labels. My husband also now eats clean, organic foods without complaint! In fact, he often asks me to prepare recipes from Lisa’s Eat Whole, Live Happy Cookbook, which have become his favorites. Her recipes are quick and easy, which deserves a thumbs-up in my opinion.

Lisa not only assisted me with my food journey, but also guided me on a pathway to self-discovery. One of the biggest takeaways during my program was the practice of being kinder to myself without negative self judgment. The positive results I received in all areas of my life have been amazing.

I highly recommend coaching with Lisa to become an all-around better you.

~Terri C – Central California Coast

Working with Lisa over the course of nine months was such an incredible gift. For years I had been bumping up against the same struggles on how to feel at peace with my own body. Lisa’s teachings supported my process of uncovering the deep roots of my insecurities and my healing finally began. She helped me recognize and appreciate my own unique beauty. Through Lisa’s loving support, I am no longer afraid to nourish my body and I see the importance of creating space & time for personal self-care. I am forever grateful for the tools Lisa has gifted me with. To finally be able to open my eyes and start living in the present moment of my life.
~N.R.M., CA

“I want to thank you for all your inspiration. The weekly advice on cooking and life was invaluable. You have such a gift in connecting with people and letting them talk while gently leading the way. The hands-on cooking was such a delight and I learned so much – from something as easy as peeling garlic to actual cooking in a grill pan, grilling and roasting vegetables and roasting an entire chicken and then using the bones to make a stock. The recipes you provided were easy to follow and extra yummy — I especially love the coconut mango ice cream. The handouts, discussions and DVD’s on whole grains, sugar, water, oils, etc were so informative. I can’t believe all that I learned over the six months we worked together. Thank you for EVERYTHING.”
~Barbara M., San Luis Obispo, CA

“After working with Lisa for six months, I feel much better, knowing I have the choice to live consciously. In the past I often felt powerless, as though my eating habits were on autopilot. Now I am able to connect the dots between my food choices and my overall feelings about myself and others. When I find myself getting caught up, I am able to take a step back sooner, and make changes. Now that’s empowerment! I am experiencing more energy, fewer cravings, and an increased awareness of my choices and how they impact my moods. Thank you Lisa for helping me learn to honor myself.”
~Karlie R., Arroyo Grande, California

“Lisa’s class was inspirational. She provided a wealth of recipes as well as local resources for our community’s freshest, best food. I loved the hands-on aspect of the class. We cooked and discussed ingredients as well as how best to use appliances such as a crock pot for fresh, quality menus for a busy family. Her class was nourishing for the mind as well as the body. We discussed ways to feed the spirit and its equal importance to feeding the body. I came away from the class with a renewed joy for pursuing health on all of its many levels. Thank you, Lisa!”
~Dena U., Arroyo Grande, California

“Before I began working with Lisa, I felt overwhelmed by all of the nutritional and health information available today. It was intimidating and confusing trying to decipher the vocabulary that is used by the food industry. Since I began working with Lisa, I feel more empowered and confident in my ability to read and understand food labels and the food industry. As a mom, I was concerned about what my kids were eating. Lisa taught me how to include my kids in the food preparation process in a way that is fun. My 14-year-old and I had a private session with Lisa, and we both left inspired to create healthier foods in our kitchen using fresh ingredients from our garden. Lisa teaches in a safe, encouraging, and accepting way. She is a supportive health coach and teacher.”
~Tawny J., Woodland, California

“I had the pleasure of attending Lisa’s cooking series. She blends her knowledge and enthusiasm in a way that is engaging and motivating. My classmates and I looked forward to each week for fresh ideas and samplings of her amazing recipes. Her simple and usable ideas have become staples in our household. Her focus on personal well-being and how that relates to types and quality of food we eat were thought-provoking and have changed the way I choose and prepare food. I highly recommend her classes to anyone looking to make beneficial, easy, and delicious changes to their eating habits.”
~Gila Z., Los Osos, California

“I was very fortunate to take Lisa’s class on juicing and blending. I learned so much in one day. Lisa produced some of the most gorgeous and vibrant looking juices and smoothies I had ever seen. And they were very tasty and satisfying! Lisa is an excellent and very knowledgeable health and wellness teacher. After having one class with her, I believe she has so much to offer anyone who wishes to learn about overall health and nutrition. And as a mom, I know she can benefit other moms who want to bring healthy lifestyle changes to their families.”
~Debbie L., Atascadero, California

“I have an education in nutrition, so I know what I should be eating, but I needed some encouragement and inspiration. Lisa’s class exceeded my expectations! Not only did I learn new things, but I was really motivated by everything Lisa shared and used in the class, from the beautiful fresh, local produce, to the yummy raw chocolate and homemade almond milk. My juicer is working overtime, and I am feeling better than I have in years as a result!”
~Deborah E., Avila Beach, California

“I can’t say enough about the Blending and Juicing for Radiant Health class I just took! It was fun, informative, and inspirational. Lisa is a patient, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic teacher. I have been an avid cook and big fan of juicing and blending for a long time, so the thing that surprised me the most is the way all the food tasted. The recipes were SO good and so different from the tired old combinations of ingredients I had been putting together. After the class, I had boundless energy for the rest of the day and into the night from all the wonderful things we ate. Don’t miss this chance for a wonderful one-on-one learning experience.”
~Tina S., Avila Beach, California

“Thank you for taking the mystery out of juicing and blending. Understanding how
healthful green smoothies are was a huge educational bonus for me. I am now very motivated to try to incorporate green smoothies and juicing into my family’s routine. This was the push I needed to finally take the leap into a new and healthier diet for my family. Thank you for sharing your passion for better health. You’ve shown me that it is possible to improve nutrition and health while being a parent with a hectic lifestyle.”
~Rene W., Shell Beach, California