Radiance for Life: 12 Week Group Coaching Program

Have you ever taken two steps forward and three steps back when it comes to living and eating healthfully?

If the answer is yes…you are NOT alone!

It’s not uncommon to eat well or take up an exercise program in hopes of improving ourselves in some fashion, only to fall back into habits that don’t contribute to our well-being.

There are MANY reasons for this and these reasons are sometimes painful and deeply personal.

This start and stop energy can trigger feelings of shame, weakness or even failure. The truth is your self-worth has NOTHING to do with your accomplishments or the actions you take. Self-worth exists quite simply…because you were born.

When we approach eating and living from a place of deprivation or sacrifice versus self-respect, self-honor, and love…success can be had in the short-term. However, over the long-term we may suffer despite our best efforts.

This topic is deeply personal to me.

I have loved ones who’ve struggled with not only weight, but their overall health for many years and it’s painful to watch. A number of years ago, they went on a new diet and lost A LOT of weight. They ate more healthfully, took up exercise, set goals for themselves and had tremendous success. They no longer needed medications and felt AMAZING.  They were very proud of themselves and rightly so.

After goal weights were achieved and celebrated…the healthful food choices and regular exercise were discontinued.  Very quickly they regained all the weight (plus more) that they’d worked so hard to release.  Pain and discomfort developed in their bodies. Multiple surgeries have been had since then to relieve pain. Medications are a part of daily life again. A diagnosis of pre-diabetes has been issued.

Why do we slip back into the very habits we KNOW don’t support our health and wellness?  Why do we approach our health as a short-term endeavor rather than a daily sustainable lifestyle practice?

The answers are different for us all.

These answers or pain points motivate and inspire me to support others in creating habits that serve a person over the long haul…throughout a lifetime. No one deserves to suffer or be in pain…physically, mentally or emotionally.

You are worthy of feeling good for the rest of your life and healthful progress comes from a slow and steady, self-honoring approach.

My passion is supporting and guiding women to achieve the results that a conscious and whole foods lifestyle brings so you can have all that you desire in life and, I’m offering you the opportunity to create the radiant health that is your birthright.


Sunday, Sunday, June 3rd-Saturday, August 25th

This program prioritizes and strengthens the habits that nourish and energize you both inside and out.  We’ll be focusing on not just food, but loving self-care, lightening your load and placing yourself at the top of your own to-do list.


Enjoying eating a fresh, whole foods diet

Know how to nourish yourself not only at home, but when dining out so you feel clear and light

Work with physical and emotional cravings and your relationship with sugar

Feel confident cooking, baking or enjoying naturally sweet treats so you NEVER have to feel deprived of feeling fabulous

Understand how to fill your kitchen with the healthiest and cleanest of convenience foods (bread, pasta, cheeses) and how to include alcohol, caffeine and desserts wisely and in a way that supports and uplifts your body

Learn how take vacations without compromising your weight, digestion or vitality AND still enjoy amazing local foods while traveling

Experience the relief (and delight!) of having a kitchen and pantry cleaned out and set up to support your radiant health

This program is comprehensive and designed to help you create radiant health and vitality for life.


2 – Live Zoom Video 75-minute group coaching sessions each month that will be recorded for your convenience (sessions will be held on Wednesdays from Noon-1:15pm PST) 6/16 & 5/23; 6/6 & 6/20; 7/11 & 7/25

6 weeks of whole foods meal plans, recipes and grocery lists to support you throughout spring and summer and give you plenty of options to rotate

1-hour private coaching session to create your own customized road map to radiance

Private Facebook Support Group for accountability.

Accompanying handouts and materials to guide, inspire and motivate you every step of the way

A 3 hour virtually guided kitchen pantry and fridge clean out…I’ll hold your hand, walk you through the process and we’ll have fun doing it! (Tuesday, 5/29 from 11am-2pm PST)


$347 per month
(for 3 months)
(a savings of almost $150!)