A letter from my client Melina

Lisa Story The Conscious Health Coach Rave ReviewDear Lisa,

I want to thank you for all your coaching and guidance in the last year and a half.  Our work together has truly changed my life.  I was trying to think of a more profound way to say it but the best way I can put it is that I’m way happier!!!  I think that is the ultimate accomplishment.  I’m more peaceful and no longer living with constant stress and negative self judgement (that I didn’t realize I even had).

I think the biggest blessing in my life came from your help with my marriage (not what I would have ever thought from working with a health coach).  I didn’t realize how much all the stresses in my marriage was affecting my health and well being.  I initially started working with you so I could get help become “healthier” and get help with my food issues. No amount of green juice or smoothies could wash away the constant stress of having this part of my life not being cared for.  As a result of your help my family life is so much happier now.  I feel a much stronger connection with my husband and children that really is the meaning of my life.

I have lost weight and kept it off in a way that is loving to myself instead of my usual yo yo dieting that is torturous and stressful.  I feel healthy in a centered way.  I have a better relationship with food and exercise.  If I catch myself becoming obsessed with food or being “healthy” I have the tools you taught me to shift my consciousness.

I have more energy, clarity, and vitality than I had 20 years ago and my friends say they think I’m like Benjamin Button…I look like I’m getting younger.  Although this is nice to hear the best part of working together is that I’m better able to live in the present and feel love, peace, and joy when things are good or bad, peaceful or chaotic.  This is such a beautiful place to be rather than where I was (constantly beating myself up for not being good enough, I will be happy when…….) I am so grateful for you Lisa!!!

Melina C.,
South Carolina

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