A letter from my client Mary



I thank you for your expert advice and gentle encouraging remarks to correct my weight, stamina, and overall health condition problems.

When I accidentally encountered you the first time, I was a skeptic. I had spent two years fighting a heart condition that left me unable to walk very far. I couldn’t drive, had no activity, ate too much, and was a total health disaster. I had tried all the plans for controlling and losing weight, regaining my energy level, and reducing the cravings for unhealthy foods.

Your gentle persuasion got me to try things I never had dreamed I would do. You talked to me and explained the process and scientific reasons for the methods you were suggesting.

After a three month program, I had lost 23 pounds. I could walk and shop without needing an electric shopping cart. I was able to resume my favorite sport of golf. I enjoyed cooking healthy foods, understood how to shop for healthy foods and read food labels. I lost the cravings for chocolate, ice cream, cookies, pies, and other snack foods.

I can now tie my shoes, play golf, walk my new dog for fun and exercise, visit friends, enjoy nighttime activities with my neighbors and I feel alive!

You have encouraged me and COACHED me to set future goals, maintain the program, and kept in contact with my progress.


Mary P.
San Luis Obispo