A Holiday Season to Remember 

Join me for this inspiring and supportive 30-day virtual health coaching program….

The holiday season is a busy time of year. While much of it is fun, social, and focused on giving to others, sometimes I end up feeling frazzled, stressed and tired.  It is a time of year when it is easier to become out of balance because we are so busy giving of ourselves while keeping up with normal challenges of daily living. I know that you might be thinking that focusing on your health and well-being during the holidays is an impossible feat, but I promise…it isn’t.

I am just like you. I am a busy mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter and community member.  Some days I feel amazing and some days I don’t. My health and vitality is a daily practice. I have found that this practice is not something that I can let go of during the holidays. Otherwise, I begin the new year feeling less than optimal.  And…why should we feel less than our best ANY time of the year?

True wellness requires that we live a lifestyle based upon a foundation of nourishing self-care habits with lots of love and compassion mixed into the formula.  Life happens!  The holidays are going to happen! Mixed in with all of the wonderful joyful stuff…we also can feel tired or depleted this time of year.  What supports us is living from a strong foundation that we create for ourselves.  And…remembering that wellness is a journey not a destination.

This program is about deep down enjoying the sacred holiday season while embracing habits that leave you feeling vibrant, energized, rested, and happy.  These habits improve our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  I want to support you (and myself!) in feeling balanced through the holidays.

By embracing simple habits, cooking foods that nourish our body and souls, and taking time for ourselves we will create energy and vitality that we can share with others. This concept is at the heart of why I do this work.  When we love and care for ourselves, we have more love to give to those around us. When we love more, our world becomes more loving.

What a beautiful time of the year, we are entering into. Let’s enjoy it together!

Getting started…

Each of our paths to radiant health and even what that means to each of us is individualized and deeply personal.  There is no one diet that works for everyone. (That’s why there are thousands of different diets out in the world, right?!)  No single exercise routine meets everyone’s needs.  We all find the way to our beauty, our radiance, our vitality in different ways.

This virtual program honors you and your path to feeling energized, strong, happy and well which embracing this sacred and celebratory time of year.

Program details

Cost:  $49

30 days (November 20th-December 20th)

15 self-care love notes arriving in your in-box every other day filled with inspiration, tips, holiday recipes and more

A private Facebook Support Group

Support & Encouragement from me (questions or comments will be addressed throughout the month on the Facebook Support Group Page)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What if I’m not on Facebook?

 You can send me a note at lisa@theconscioushealthcoach.com and I will be happy to chat with you through email.

Can I participate even if I am crazy busy right now?

 Most definitely!  You may even find that you feel less stressed with your busy life by participating in the program at this time. While the emails will come every other day and we will be on Facebook daily throughout the program, everyone is free to participate in the way that works best for them.  You can save the emails and links to your computer and move through the material at your own pace.  In fact, I encourage you to do so whether you are busy or not. We each will participate in the way that works best for us as individuals.

Will you be available to provide individual health coaching to me as part of the program?

 Not as part of this program. Due to the nature of the group program I will not be providing individual health coaching to each of the participants. However, I will be providing lots of support and encouragement through the Facebook Support Group page on a daily basis and by email to those who are not on Facebook.  This program is designed to be educational, informative, inspirational and personal in nature. Each person will move through it in their own unique way. I am happy to schedule a Conscious Health Inventory Session with you if you feel you need additional support beyond the program.  This session allows for me to review your personal health history and support you more specifically. This cost for this session is $75.