We all want to feel strong, energetic, healthy and happy, living our life to the fullest.

But how do we get there?

Health Coaching is an interactive process that enables you to achieve and sustain your optimum health. A Health Coach is a wellness guide and supportive mentor who will lead you through your individual journey to health and well-being.

What Is Conscious Health?

Conscious Health is the experience and process of mindfully taking care of ourselves on all levels. It is about creating the supportive habits in our everyday lives that increase our joy, love, and gratitude for our own health and wellness. By taking optimum care of ourselves, we can be of service to others as life partners, parents, friends, family members, and as members of our local and global communities. Conscious Health means making choices that bring us to greater levels of well-being, so we can become the best possible versions of ourselves.

What’s Unique About The Conscious Health Coach?

“My life’s passion is to help busy women live their lives to the fullest. By working with all aspects of a woman’s life, I can help her to experience radiant health, more energy, more joy, more satisfying relationships, and more peace.”
˜ Lisa Story, The Conscious Health Coach

In addition to addressing the physical aspects of your health such as nutrition and fitness, I passionately believe that it’s essential to consciously address the mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of your life, as they are interconnected and all play a vital role in your overall health. My extensive background in health education combined with my certification as a Health Coach and a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology make me uniquely qualified to work with you on all these areas.

I also respect the individuality of each woman and tailor my coaching plan to your specific needs and goals. For some, more emphasis will be placed on the physical aspects, such as nutrition, sleep, or exercise. For others, the emotional, mental, or spiritual element will require more time and attention. This might include starting a meditation practice, or identifying more opportunities for fun and enjoyment. I will work closely with you to identify your goals, and to develop a lifestyle plan that will help you reach them. The process is confidential, supportive, and nurturing.

My greatest joy in life is to inspire, motivate, encourage, and nurture each client on her own unique journey to wellness. I consider it a privilege to serve as your Health Coach, and I make a strong commitment to providing a safe, fun, and confidential setting in which we can work together to make your life all that it can be!

Click here to read more about Lisa’s experience, training, and philosophy.

What Are the Benefits of Health Coaching?

The benefits you can experience as you work with me are numerous and span every aspect of your well-being.


• Increased energy
• Improved sleep
• Reduction in mood and energy swings
• Reduced cravings/addictions
• Weight management
• Fewer illnesses
• Disease prevention
• Reduction in the need for medications
• Sense of youth and vitality
• Graceful and positive aging


• Greater clarity and mindfulness
• Stress reduction
• Increased confidence and sense of self-worth
• Cultivation of positive thoughts


• Increased happiness or joy
• More satisfying relationships
• Greater sense of peace


• An awareness of your life’s value and purpose
• Deeper connections with yourself and others
• A greater sense of peace and community
• Inspiration and excitement about what is to come in your life

Where Do I Begin?

Your journey to radiant health can begin today. Click here to read about my Heath Coaching services, or click here to contact me to schedule your Vitality Breakthrough session.