Eat Whole, Live Happy:
30 Days of Gentle Detoxification & Devoted Nourishment
(through Yoga and Food)

The fall season is one of the BEST times to detoxify

During the summer months you may have traveled or take a vacation from your normal routine, daily diet or self-care habits. This is totally normal AND now that autumn is here…it’s a wonderful time to gently bring your body, mood, and mind back into balance. It’s important to regularly give your beautiful and deserving body a bit of rest from processed, refined foods, sugar, and other hard-on-your-body foods or habits that create inflammation and a lack of vitality.

Let’s reconnect to loving habits and foods that uplift, lighten and energize together! Preparing fresh whole foods is FAR easier than you may think and eating REAL foods can feel downright indulgent.

Whether you want to lose weight, improve digestion, release cravings, learn to prepare healthier foods for yourself and your family, develop a consistent yoga practice, come into greater self-acceptance, or reduce stress…we’ll be addressing each of these areas.

This nurturing 4 week program includes:

30 days of yoga
Seasonal, whole foods cookbook complete with menu plans and grocery lists
Program guide containing lifestyle habits, wellness tips and self-care suggestions
4 supportive classes
Ongoing email support

Week 1: Saturday, October 21st: 1:30-3:30pm (Class focus will include: setting heartfelt intentions, a discussion on how to personal the program for YOU while preparing your life and kitchen for the program, and a centering yoga and breath practice)

Week 2: Sunday, Oct 29th: 1:30-3:30pm (Class focus will include: a detoxifying yoga and breath practice, group check in and support, discussion of the upcoming menu plan, and a self-compassion practice)

Week 3: Sunday, November 5th: 1:30-3:30pm (Class focus will be similar as week 2)

Week 4: Sunday, November 12th: 1:30-3:30pm (Class focus will include: a nurturing yoga and centering breath practice, a discussion on how to sustain and extend the benefits from your program, self-compassion and celebrations)

Please bring your yoga mat and a journal or notebook to all classes.

Classes will be held at Harmony House Yoga Studio located at 991 Price Street, Pismo Beach. To reserve your space, please call (805) 773-0380 or visit

Investment: $247 – includes 30 days unlimited yoga at Harmony House Yoga Studio beginning Saturday, 10/21-Sunday November 12th

$197 (Harmony House Yoga Studio Guru Members)