Empty Nest: When the Kids Fly the Coop

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Lately, I’ve been talking with clients and friends who’ve been sharing their varied emotions as kids graduate from high school, college, get married, or move away. Empty nest is that phase of life when we’re happy and proud that our kids are becoming independent adults while simultaneously experiencing feelings of loss and sadness. First, acknowledge yourself for a parenting job well done. Being a parent is rewarding and it’s one of the most noble and toughest jobs on the planet. Second, be gentle and patient with yourself. The fact is you’re going through a major life transition. It’s normal to feel a wide array of emotions during times like this. You may experience feelings of joy, pride, love, and excitement … KEEP READING…

Let Your Light Shine!

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candle soothing our fear of success

Last week I wrote about the anti-self-care habit of procrastination and how it can be a form of self-sabotage. Why do we sabotage ourselves?  I don’t set out to purposefully undermine myself and yet it happens.  Often I don’t even realize that I have sabotaged myself until after the deed is done.  I’m guessing the same may be true for you. Conscious and sometimes unconscious reasons get in our way.  These reasons may include an underlying feeling of unworthiness, fear of failure, or fear of success. Yes…a fear of success. Sometimes success requires big changes in our lives that we are afraid to make or don’t feel ready to make.  This can bring up all sorts of fear and next thing … KEEP READING…

Why Procrastination is the Anti-Self-Care Habit

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a photo from my hike and the moment I realized that procrastination causes stress

I have been a procrastinator for much of my life.  Like any other habit, after many years of doing it…it is deeply ingrained. Last Sunday I was working on a project that I had waited until the last minute to get done.  I reluctantly skipped yoga so I could finish up before my son’s soccer game.  I bet you can guess what happened.  It took me longer than I expected.  There were a few hiccups along the way and I was unable to get the material uploaded onto my website. I couldn’t call my tech person, because…it was Sunday.  As my husband and son were pacing around me asking if I was ready to go, the pressure mounted inside of … KEEP READING…