Cook for Your Family Like Wonder Woman

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What I am about to say may give away my age! I grew up loving Wonder Woman. I wanted to be Wonder Woman. Watching the women around me and reflecting on my own life, I’m pretty sure we really are all Wonder Women. I’ve heard many women share that they feel overwhelmed with a chronic busy-ness that chips away at their health and vitality. Cooking a nutritious meal at the end of the day can feel like a near impossible feat. This overwhelm can steer cars through fast food drive-thru’s at the end of the day for a quick bite or lead to feeding the kiddos cereal for dinner. Not because they don’t care about healthy food, but they are … KEEP READING…

The Habit of Being Late…True Confessions

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No more being late!

Recently, I received an email from someone that I meet with regularly.   She pointed out in a very loving and kind, but direct way that I had been late several times and she invited me to be on time at our next meeting. My response. “How dare she?  I was like….3-4 minutes late at most…ok, well last time I was 6-7 minutes late.  Who does SHE thing she is?  Is SHE always on time?  I do my best.  I am a busy mom. I work.  Do I really have to be PERFECT all the time?  Is there NO room at all to relax and just show up when I do even if it just a few minutes late?” “Except,” the … KEEP READING…

Why Procrastination is the Anti-Self-Care Habit

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a photo from my hike and the moment I realized that procrastination causes stress

I have been a procrastinator for much of my life.  Like any other habit, after many years of doing it…it is deeply ingrained. Last Sunday I was working on a project that I had waited until the last minute to get done.  I reluctantly skipped yoga so I could finish up before my son’s soccer game.  I bet you can guess what happened.  It took me longer than I expected.  There were a few hiccups along the way and I was unable to get the material uploaded onto my website. I couldn’t call my tech person, because…it was Sunday.  As my husband and son were pacing around me asking if I was ready to go, the pressure mounted inside of … KEEP READING…