Eating Well AND Reducing Your Grocery Bill

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Eating Well AND Reducing Your Grocery Bill

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces…just good food from fresh ingredients. ” ~ Julia Childs Julia is so wise!  And, I’d add that cooking good food from fresh ingredients doesn’t have to be expensive either. However, eating and cooking can become costly which is a common concern I hear….especially when you don’t plan ahead. Suggestions to Reduce Your Grocery Bill: Before you head out the door….shop in your own kitchen. What does that mean?  It means make a grocery list…and then cross off anything you already have. No one likes to come home from the store only to discover that you have 3 jars of almond butter hiding in the pantry. That’s stuff’s pricey! Start off your money saving strategy … KEEP READING…

Create your health with intention…energy goes where intention flows.

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Our mind and body are intricately linked together. Scientific evidence continues to mount proving that our thoughts and beliefs can dramatically affect health and well-being. (If you’re into this sort of thing…it’s worth researching epigenetics!) Put simply, what we choose to think about ourselves and the world matters to our well-being. If we think negatively about ourselves and others, we will experience negativity. If we think positively, we will have a tendency to experience more positivity in our life. Does this mean that when “bad” things happen or we get sick, we are to blame?  Absolutely not! There is much in this mysterious and beautiful world that cannot be explained. What I am suggesting is that consciously aligning with loving, healing thoughts … KEEP READING…

Willpower: It’s Not a Long-Term Solution for Achieving Goals

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THIS is why I LOVE hiking!

Willpower is a funny thing.  It only takes us so far before life happens.  We have a fight with our spouse, feel stressed by an important deadline at work, get tired of hearing the kids argue, or are unable to pay a bill and next thing you know…we cave to temptation and are easily swayed away from our goals. The first step to sticking with diet and exercise goals is to stop relying on your willpower alone.  You won’t get to where you want to go unless you take a different approach. What I recommend is to consider WHY you want to achieve your goals and HOW you want to feel when you achieve them.  This is your primary motivation. … KEEP READING…

Empty Nest: When the Kids Fly the Coop

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Lately, I’ve been talking with clients and friends who’ve been sharing their varied emotions as kids graduate from high school, college, get married, or move away. Empty nest is that phase of life when we’re happy and proud that our kids are becoming independent adults while simultaneously experiencing feelings of loss and sadness. First, acknowledge yourself for a parenting job well done. Being a parent is rewarding and it’s one of the most noble and toughest jobs on the planet. Second, be gentle and patient with yourself. The fact is you’re going through a major life transition. It’s normal to feel a wide array of emotions during times like this. You may experience feelings of joy, pride, love, and excitement … KEEP READING…