Tis the season to be festive. :)

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This time of year brings about feelings of nostalgia for times gone past. This includes cravings or desires to indulge in the traditional foods we may have enjoyed as children. My husband, Doug, is Norwegian and Swedish and during the holidays speaks fondly of the Lefse (a Norwegian flatbread) his grandmother and mother used to make. Then there’s the traditional dish of Lutefisk they eat at Christmas (aged white fish and lye that is gelatinous in texture and smells something awful)! Today, I thought I share with you the recipe for Lutefisk….just kidding!! Hehe! 😉 Actually, I’m passing along to you my version of Eggnog. I loved Eggnog as a kid, but as an adult…I prefer this Spiced Almond Nog … KEEP READING…

Eating Well AND Reducing Your Grocery Bill

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Eating Well AND Reducing Your Grocery Bill

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces…just good food from fresh ingredients. ” ~ Julia Childs Julia is so wise!  And, I’d add that cooking good food from fresh ingredients doesn’t have to be expensive either. However, eating and cooking can become costly which is a common concern I hear….especially when you don’t plan ahead. Suggestions to Reduce Your Grocery Bill: Before you head out the door….shop in your own kitchen. What does that mean?  It means make a grocery list…and then cross off anything you already have. No one likes to come home from the store only to discover that you have 3 jars of almond butter hiding in the pantry. That’s stuff’s pricey! Start off your money saving strategy … KEEP READING…

Food for Thought: Supporting Your Brain Health

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Have you or someone you know ever made an ever-so-slightly nervous joke about declining memory while confessing that Alzheimer’s runs in the family?  Do you or someone you love suffer from anxiety or depression? You are not alone. We’d all be hard-pressed these days to find anyone who is not touched by the topic of brain health. With rising rates of Alzheimer’s disease which is the most common form of dementia, and the increasing numbers of people on anti-anxiety and depression medications…it’s imperative that we seek to better understand what foods and activities support our brain in staying healthy. The great news is there are key ways to keep your brain functioning optimally. Consume a diet rich in the following: … KEEP READING…

Create your health with intention…energy goes where intention flows.

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Our mind and body are intricately linked together. Scientific evidence continues to mount proving that our thoughts and beliefs can dramatically affect health and well-being. (If you’re into this sort of thing…it’s worth researching epigenetics!) Put simply, what we choose to think about ourselves and the world matters to our well-being. If we think negatively about ourselves and others, we will experience negativity. If we think positively, we will have a tendency to experience more positivity in our life. Does this mean that when “bad” things happen or we get sick, we are to blame?  Absolutely not! There is much in this mysterious and beautiful world that cannot be explained. What I am suggesting is that consciously aligning with loving, healing thoughts … KEEP READING…