Lisa Story has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare and women’s health. She’s passionate about educating women and guiding them to live a vibrant and meaningful life. Lisa and her husband Doug enjoy spending time hiking and trail running on the beautiful central coast of California. They have two adult children, Sydney (30) and Sam (19) and a sweet dog Tucker. Click here to review her resume.

Who are your clients? 

My clients tend to be in midlife or are in some stage of retirement who consciously desire for the next phase of life to be healthy, happy, and purposeful. They realize that the strategies that worked for them in their 20’s, 30’s or even their 40’s are no longer as effective and seek an approach that matches their changing biology and lifestyle.

They intuitively understand that the anti-aging movement is counter-productive, and they seek to embrace aging WELL!

The women I work with have devoted themselves to an array of causes, from creating a home, raising children, and taking care of their families, to volunteering and/or focusing on their careers. As so many women frequently do, they have often placed themselves at the bottom of their daily to-do lists and their health and wellness have suffered.

My clients realize the sacrifices they’ve made for so many have come at a cost to their own desires and well-being and are ready to focus on creating the health and life they want.

They have activities and relationships that are important to them and these women care deeply for others and want to stay active, strong, and healthy so they can live their best life while continuing to contribute in meaningful ways.

How are you different from other health coaches?

My life’s work has been dedicated to health and wellness. When I started college, I knew I wanted to help others and planned to get a degree in social work. I quickly discovered I was passionate about the field of health science and changed majors.

While the field of nutrition is constantly changing, I’ve had the benefit of doing this work for so long that I’ve seen the vast number of trends and diets come and go. This has taught me to focus on the tried-and-true basics that never change, while supporting a woman’s individual and ever-changing biology.

I’ve dedicated my life to continued education and have studied under many mentors over the years.

Most recently, I completed a Women’s Functional & Integrative Training Program for Healthcare Professionals. I studied alongside a wide array of medical professionals and was honored to be one of the few health coaches included in the program.

My approach is to teach women to listen to their bodies and desires, care for it holistically and keep their health habits simple. My approach is to focus on: the foundation of foods that heal, creating a supportive and inspiring kitchen, cultivating the beliefs and mindset that support aging well, and the practices and habits that bring it all together.

Do you sell products or supplements?

I do not. I provide a coaching service and education for women who want to improve their health. While selling products is fine, I want my clients to feel comfortable and trusting of the education I provide and not ever wonder if I’m recommending something in order to benefit financially. Over the past five years, there has been a significant influx of “health coaches” in the field who are first and foremost salespeople and have little health related education other than about the products they are selling.

What type of woman do you work best with?

I love to work with women who are excited to learn and ready to make positive changes.  I enjoy working with women who are willing to experiment with new habits, explore mindsets and beliefs, and try new foods to learn what will work best for them.

If you are a woman who seeks to create a natural approach to aging well, without quick fixes, pills or prescriptions whenever possible and enjoys learning then it’s likely we’ll work very well together.

Are there types of people that your program won’t work for?

My programs won’t work for women who aren’t ready to take responsibility for their health, habits and choices. They won’t work for women who aren’t open to learning new information and who aren’t willing to invest time and effort into their experience.

What exactly is your program and what does it include?

My program is about becoming conscious and aware of your body, learning to listen and decipher its messages (ie; symptoms, aches, pains, sensations) and taking to heart these messages with a holistic, simple and foundational approach. I believe that you are worthy of your own time and attention and through daily practices and nourishing actions you’ll be able to feel lighter, sleep well and have the energy you want and need to live a vibrant and active life.

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Does this really work?

Yes, it does!  Please read through the experience and transformation my past clients have shared.

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What results can I expect?

You can expect to create a health foundation and enjoyable nourishment practices that will last a lifetime.

From sleeping more soundly, thinking more clearly, experiencing reduced or eliminated aches and pains, to feeling stronger and having the energy you desire while feeling happier and healthier and capable of taking on new projects.

You’ll develop the habit of listening to the wisdom of your body and create habits that leave you feeling balanced and proud.

You’ll also be able to confidently choose foods that support your changing biology, set up a kitchen that supports and inspires you, establish an aging well mindset and incorporate daily habits and activities that create vitality and radiance.

Based on everything I’ve read and heard about you; I know you’re the one I want to work with. What is the best way to get started with you?

I offer a limited number of private NO COST Age Beautifully Discovery Sessions. Please click here to fill out an application to work with me and to schedule your session.

I’m not sure I’m ready to get started, do you have any low cost or free classes so I can sample your work and see if you’re the right coach for me?

There are a few ways you can sample my work. First, you can subscribe to my bi-monthly email newsletter. You’ll receive tips, tools, recipes and strategies from my programs.

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You’re also welcome to join one of my weekly Relax & Restore groups. Click here to register for a group. Class size is limited.

Your other option is to download my 3-Day ReVitalize Program. You’ll receive recipes, a meal plan with self-care practice suggestions to jumpstart you feeling lighter and BETTER now.  Click here to get the program.