Fresh Spirulina & Oasia Farms: An inspiring and fun interview!

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In today’s blog, I’m so excited to share an interview with my friend Dale Solomon of Oasia Farms. He has an interesting journey to becoming a farmer and grows a superfood that not many have heard of, but I know you will love learning about.

“Dale, I know you started out in engineering. Can you share what got you interested in growing and selling fresh spirulina? That’s quite a change!”

“Throughout my years in college I was deeply invested in environmental work, specifically combatting climate change. I immersed myself in a green ecosystem (no pun intended) through a number of university clubs and was eventually introduced to the algae industry. I remember feverishly crunching numbers after class to figure out how many acres of algae ponds it would take to offset our global carbon emissions.”

“After graduating from USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering in 2016, I took a job in aerospace. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my career had taken a wrong turn. Making fighter jets for a living didn’t represent the positivity that I wanted to bring to the world, so I made a change. In June 2017, I quit my job and decided to turn all those theoretical calculations I had cooked up in college into a real-life business.”

“Wow!  Dale, that is so inspiring. It takes courage and passion to commit shift gears and into a career that means something to you AND is contributing to the healing of the planet. Can you tell us about spirulina? Many folks may not even know what it is!!!” 

“It took almost a year of research and planning, but here we are growing a uniquely nutritious & therapeutic superfood- spirulina. We are so proud of the work that we are doing to improve and nourish the community! Spirulina is the most nutrient dense superfood on Earth and it’s at its best when consumed raw or fresh frozen. Our fresh product is moving the industry away from powdered and processed spirulina to a more bioavailable and palatable alternative. When unprocessed, the nutrients in spirulina are easily digestible, allowing your body to absorb the maximum amount of omega-3, protein, iron, antioxidants, and dozens of vitamins & minerals. Additionally, fresh spirulina has a light creamy texture and a flavor similar to smashed avocado or unsalted cream cheese. Personally, I find this far more appealing than the pungent, ocean smell of powdered spirulina. I think you will too!”

“I completely agree! Until I learned about fresh spirulina from you, I had only used the powdered form of spirulina in my smoothies. It completely makes sense that eating the raw and fresh food would be FAR healthier for us. Nutrients from fresh foods tend to be more readily bioavailable for the body.  How do you suggest people incorporate fresh spirulina into their diets?”

“Because of its creamy texture and light flavor, it will easily blend into countless recipes. Most people use it in a morning smoothie, but if you want to get creative, we have tons of ideas on our Instagram page (@oasiafarms) including salad dressings, sauces, yogurt bowls, soups and snacks. You can even use it as an antioxidant loaded face mask! I’ve got several recipes today that can be downloaded. Spirulina Guacamole, Green Goddess, Emerald Treat & Spirucado Toast.”

“My personal favorite is the Spirulina Guacamole! Thank you for sharing a few recipes with us, Dale and for sharing about your farm and spirulina. I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with you.  How can we learn more and order fresh spirulina?”

“I’m glad you enjoyed learning a little bit about Oasia Farms. Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions, are interested in trying one of our drop ship orders or are interested in growing your own spirulina!”

“Thank you for your time, Dale! I so appreciate you sharing with my community and I and contributing to a healthier and more conscious planet.”

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