TRAVEL: Strategies to Keep You Glowing!

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Have you ever come home feeling like you now NEED a vacation from your vacation?!

Vacations can be relaxing, fun and exciting. Wonderful memories and experiences are created when we travel. We come back with tales to tell!

Sometimes we return home feeling exhausted, bloated or even sick.

What if you could travel AND feel healthy both during and after the trip?

When at home daily rhythms sustain and ground our bodies and energy. We have regular mealtimes, wake-up times, bedtimes, exercise habits and are surrounded by our personal belongings and the foods we eat normally.

When traveling we’re exposed to changes in weather, time zones, altitude, humidity, diet and to our regular daily schedule. These changes can be taxing on both our energy and immune system leaving us more susceptible to illness.


  1.  Keep stabilizing routines in place. Do your best to eat, sleep, wake up and exercise at your regular times. When traveling to a new time zone, get on the local time as soon as you arrive.
  1.  Familiarity is nurturing.Bring items from home that you love and keep you centered and comfortable. For example, bring a favorite hand soap for the hotel bathroom, tea bags, a candle, essential oils, and an eye pillow. Other items to consider are a favorite pillow or blanket, a journal, books and magazines.
  1.  Get out in nature.Traveling in cars, trains, planes, and boats while awesome and fun are also ungrounding to our energy and challenge the nervous system. When we change times zones our circadian rhythm is disrupted. One of the easiest ways to soothe the nervous system and begin to align the circadian rhythm is to expose yourself to sunlight early in the mornings. Spending time walking barefoot on the beach, hiking in a forest or even walking down a city street is highly beneficial. Being outside and in nature is very grounding physically, emotionally and mentally.
  1.  Keep movement and exercise routines on track.  When we travel, we’re confined to smaller spaces and our energy stagnates while muscles are contracted and tight. We become sluggish. Taking stretch breaks every hour is extremely useful to the body. If you’re on a plane or train, get up frequently and stretch in the aisles, walk around as much as possible.  At the very least, stretch and move in your seat. Once you are at your destination, be sure to get daily exercise. We tend to eat and drink more when on vacation and the activity will support the uptick in the intake. Also, keep in mind that we lose strength, flexibility and cardio fitness FAR faster than we build it…resist the temptation to take a vacation from your exercise routine…then you won’t have to start all over when you return home. Another benefit of exercise is it supports your digestion and helps to alleviate constipation. Keep things moving!
  1. Plan ahead and eat well.Research local cuisines, top restaurants, and markets so you don’t end up consuming poor quality or fast foods. Check out menus online, get recommendations from others and read reviews. If possible, stay somewhere with a kitchen so not all meals are eaten out. Support digestion which can slow down when traveling by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure you’re getting plenty of fiber. Eat breads, pasta and cheeses in moderation. Lastly, stay well-hydrated.
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