Let’s ‘mother’ ourselves!

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In my coaching practice, I speak with women suffering from low energy, aches, pains, inflammation, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, migraines, hormonal issues, digestive issues, stubborn weight gain, depression, anxiety, side effects from taking multiple prescriptions for different ailments…and sadly this list is not exhaustive.

These women come seeking nutritional guidance, health or lifestyle education and emotional support.  Unfortunately, too often I hear versions of the following sentiments…

I’ll be ready to focus on my health in a few months. I’m JUST too busy right now to focus on myself.”

“When my daughter graduates from high school next year, then I can focus on my own health.”

“After I finish this important project I’m dealing with at work, then I can focus on me.”

“I’m just too busy volunteering and working to cook healthy foods and exercise.”

“I’ve got to care for my sick mom or dad right now.”

It breaks my heart every time I hear a woman speak these words AND I understand the mindset. 

Part of my role as a Health Coach is to keep reminding clients that taking care of themselves daily is non-negotiable. And, make no mistake…I remind myself of this everyday as well!

Procrastinating on your self-care isn’t something you can afford to do. Not today…not any day. The stakes are simply too high.

We ALL have important lives. Families to tend to. Partners and friends to connect with and love. People to serve in some capacity. Work to create.  Fun to be had.

We can do it ALL so much more effectively when we invest time and energy every single day into caring for ourselves SO we can then CARE for and TEND to others or meaningful work.

Might I go out on the proverbial limb and declare that it is NOT convenient to struggle through the day feeling: tired, heavy, foggy in the brain, achy and hurting, constipated, bloated, anxious, depressed, congested or sick.

And, it’s certainly NOT convenient to be running to various doctors and specialists getting more prescriptions to take, or constantly ordering more supplements and products to compensate for a lack of self-care.

Sacrificing our own health, our own bodies isn’t necessary to be a loving and caring woman.

This week in the spirit of Mother’s Day let’s ‘mother’ ourselves!

What’s the most important action you can take to nurture or nourish yourself?

Or…what do you know for sure is one habit you’ve been engaged in that’s sabotaging your RADIANCE?

Keep your nurturing simple…add one habit or action and release one that isn’t serving. Let go of all or nothing thinking. Let go of perfection.

Self-care and nourishing ourselves is uplifting. You are worthy of your own time and attention. ALWAYS!

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Lisa Story is a Certified Health Coach with over 20 years in the health education and wellness industry. It's her mission is to help you experience more energy, vitality, and contentment so you can enjoy the most fulfilling life possible.