Should I stop drinking coffee?

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This has been the most popular question I’ve received since the news that Starbuck’s (and other companies) in California were ordered to begin placing a cancer warning label on their coffee drinks.

So, let’s get a little clarity and perspective on the matter!

Knowledge is power.

The concern with the coffee is that roasted coffee beans contain high levels of acrylamide in them (otherwise known as acrylic acid and a carcinogen…something that is toxic to the body).

When it comes to coffee…lighter roasts have less acrylamide, certain types of beans may have less, and espresso-style may have more.

If you suffer from energy issues, adrenal issues, sleep issues or anxiety you may want to stay off coffee for these reasons alone.

If not, then choose a high-quality coffee and be sure to add a healthy oil or fat such as ghee, grass-fed butter or coconut oil to your coffee to slow the rate the caffeine enters your bloodstream leaving you with a clean slow source of energy vs. a jolt. Then sweeten with natural sweeteners (raw local honey, pure maple syrup, coconut palm sugar or stevia) and use raw milk or non-dairy milks to add creaminess if you can’t tolerate dairy.

There have definitely been some studies that show coffee can be useful, but it is important to know your body.

One final note to keep in mind…ANY food that is fried, roasted or baked at a high temperature (cookies, chips, French fries, doughnuts, crackers, meats) will contain acrylamide.

As always, enjoying fresh whole foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables will keep you vibrant and filled with vitality.

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