Aphrodisiac Foods: Myth or Fact?

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Can specific foods enhance our intimate relationships?

Most edibles found at the top of any aphrodisiac food list got there because in ancient times they were regarded as such mostly due to their phallic shape or alluring scent and flavor. This left many people believing that these foods enhanced fertility, desire and sexual performance. While it can’t be argued that commonly identified aphrodisiac foods do in fact support sexual performance or desire, the point can be made that fresh whole foods leave us feeling our best both in energy and mood.

For fun and inspiration here are 7 aphrodisiac foods that’ll contribute to your overall health and maybe even your intimate relationships too!

  1. Bananas are high in potassium and vitamin B which are essential for the functioning of the sex hormones. The bromelain found in this tropical fruit is thought to enhance male performance.
  2. Basil increases an overall sense of well-being and supports healthy blood circulation. It’s known for boosting the sex drive and promoting fertility.
  3. Asparagus is high in folate which supports proper erectile function and has been said to inspire feelings of lust.
  4. Almonds are a symbol of fertility and their aroma encourages feelings of passion.
  5. Vanilla has a scent that’s relaxing and brings about pleasurable feelings. It’s also a strong, but sweet spice that may prevent impotency.
  6. Oysters are most often considered to increase the libido and there may be some truth to this as they’re filled with zinc.
  7. Chocolate may be the most commonly thought of food that stimulates feelings of desire due to the feel good hormones and neurotransmitters that are released when consumed. The magnesium found in chocolate relaxes the body and high levels of antioxidants support overall health.

While there’s uncertainty in whether or not these specific foods can enhance your sexual health or performance, there’s no doubt whatsoever that they will support your overall wellness.

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