Tis the season to be festive. :)

Lisa StoryHolidays


This time of year brings about feelings of nostalgia for times gone past. This includes cravings or desires to indulge in the traditional foods we may have enjoyed as children. My husband, Doug, is Norwegian and Swedish and during the holidays speaks fondly of the Lefse (a Norwegian flatbread) his grandmother and mother used to make. Then there’s the traditional dish of Lutefisk they eat at Christmas (aged white fish and lye that is gelatinous in texture and smells something awful)! Today, I thought I share with you the recipe for Lutefisk….just kidding!! Hehe! 😉 Actually, I’m passing along to you my version of Eggnog. I loved Eggnog as a kid, but as an adult…I prefer this Spiced Almond Nog … KEEP READING…