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Our mind and body are intricately linked together.

Scientific evidence continues to mount proving that our thoughts and beliefs can dramatically affect health and well-being. (If you’re into this sort of thing…it’s worth researching epigenetics!)

Put simply, what we choose to think about ourselves and the world matters to our well-being.

If we think negatively about ourselves and others, we will experience negativity. If we think positively, we will have a tendency to experience more positivity in our life.

Does this mean that when “bad” things happen or we get sick, we are to blame?  Absolutely not! There is much in this mysterious and beautiful world that cannot be explained.

What I am suggesting is that consciously aligning with loving, healing thoughts will always leave us feeling good or better.

I teach my clients to set intentions and create positive affirmations on a regular basis to support their health and well-being.  While superfoods and exercise are important…so is the health of our mind and emotions.

Intentions and affirmations help us to create a life that is purposeful and heart-centered.

Give it a try!

Find a quiet, nurturing space and spend a few minutes in silence.  Consider how you would like to FEEL in relationship to your health and well-being.  Create an intention to support how you would like to feel.

An example might be; My intention is to feel radiantly healthy. Then consider what is one specific action you could take that would support you in aligning with your intention.  An example is; I go to bed by 10pm each night ensuring I get plenty of daily rest.

Next, create a positive affirmation to support your intention.  An example might be; I am radiantly healthy and energized every morning when I wake up.  An affirmation is always positive, personal and in the present tense.

For contrast, consider if you know you want to feel radiantly healthy but every morning upon awakening you say to yourself, “I feel tired, I’m always tired.  I never get to bed on time. I’ll probably skip my workout because I’m too tired.”

Even our thoughts become habitual and then we are creating the very thing we DON’T want by simply focusing our energy on it. Make sense?

Now, spend a few moments creating your intention(s), action steps, and positive affirmations.  When you are complete, take a moment to thank yourself for devoting time and energy to your well-being!

Remember…creating radiant health is not ALWAYS about the food that you eat.

Positive and supportive mental habits are possibly even MORE important than the quality of your food choices!

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Lisa Story is a Certified Health Coach with over 20 years in the health education and wellness industry. It's her mission is to help you experience more energy, vitality, and contentment so you can enjoy the most fulfilling life possible.