Autumn: A Nourishing Season

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With autumn’s arrival there’s a discernable shift in the foods available for us to enjoy. Much is being harvested and the lighter, cooling foods of summer are disappearing and making space for warming and grounding foods. Say good-bye to the peaches!

When we eat aligned with the seasons (which is FAR easier to do if we shop at the local Farmer’s Market) we support the body in staying healthy.  The body won’t respond the same to cool, raw summer foods if consumed during the colder months of winter. Just the same, it will react differently to a steamy bowl of soup eaten on a hot summer day then it will on a cold winter day. Eating out of season creates a subtle inner stress on digestion and vitality.

This time of year is for consuming foods grown closest to the earth which creates a naturally strong foundation and improves overall immunity.

The season’s vegetables include; a wide array of winter squashes harvested in late fall, pumpkins, beets, parsnips, carrots, garlic, onions, turnips and sweet potatoes. Fruits such as; apples, pomegranates, cranberries and pears, as well as, nuts with hard shells like walnuts, almonds or pecans will all create a feeling of stability that the body requires during the winter months and with the busyness of the impending holiday season.

When these fresh foods are prepared with healthy fats, quality meats, wholesome broths, legumes, whole grains, natural sweeteners and warming spices we invite balance and invoke feelings of comfort and deep nourishment.  The delicious scents of soups, stews and baking fill our homes with nostalgia and joy.

As our health can be vulnerable when we transition from one season to the next it’s important to remember to include these seasonally-aligned foods and prepare them in ways that gently comfort and balance the body.  As you do, you’ll naturally create vitality for yourself and family…heading into the holiday season feeling strong!

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