The Habit of Being Late…True Confessions

Lisa StoryConscious Living, Reducing Stress

No more being late!

Recently, I received an email from someone that I meet with regularly.   She pointed out in a very loving and kind, but direct way that I had been late several times and she invited me to be on time at our next meeting. My response. “How dare she?  I was like….3-4 minutes late at most…ok, well last time I was 6-7 minutes late.  Who does SHE thing she is?  Is SHE always on time?  I do my best.  I am a busy mom. I work.  Do I really have to be PERFECT all the time?  Is there NO room at all to relax and just show up when I do even if it just a few minutes late?” “Except,” the … KEEP READING…