Why Procrastination is the Anti-Self-Care Habit

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a photo from my hike and the moment I realized that procrastination causes stress

I have been a procrastinator for much of my life.  Like any other habit, after many years of doing it…it is deeply ingrained.

Last Sunday I was working on a project that I had waited until the last minute to get done.  I reluctantly skipped yoga so I could finish up before my son’s soccer game.  I bet you can guess what happened.  It took me longer than I expected.  There were a few hiccups along the way and I was unable to get the material uploaded onto my website.

I couldn’t call my tech person, because…it was Sunday.  As my husband and son were pacing around me asking if I was ready to go, the pressure mounted inside of me.  My heart was racing, my stomach was tense, my breathing was shallow, and I was cursing at my computer.  My family suggested that I stay home and they go without me.  I yelled at them, “Go get in the car, I’m coming.”  I finally gave up and walked out the door, leaving the project undone and filled with an array of self-critical thoughts.

After we dropped my son off, my husband and I took a hike during the hour his team warms up for the game.

As I breathed in the fresh air and began to notice the beautiful scenery around me, my energy shifted.  I felt very clear that this habit of procrastination had to stop.

Procrastination is the anti-self-care habit. 

Procrastination is a form of being late or as I like to call it…working from behind.  When we procrastinate or are late for anything, we create an environment of stress inside our body.  We flood our body with stress hormones and feel anxious.  These hormones can lead to a compromised immune system, chronic disease, acute illnesses, and premature aging.  Our mind joins in the response and we feel badly for being late or for not getting whatever it is done that we have put off.

Procrastination and being late are forms of self-sabotage. 

Of course I knew that my habit of procrastination was stressful.  However, there was something about being out on that Sunday morning hike directly after I had experienced this ridiculously stressful moment that allowed me to FEEL in a direct way how I was sabotaging my health, my well-being, my work, and my life by continuing to allow myself to choose procrastination.  It suddenly felt absolutely crazy that I would intentionally do that to myself.

No more.

I choose peace, self-respect, self-love, accountability, loving discipline, ease, and grace. 

My new habit is to work ahead every day and release the habit of working from behind.  I used to believe that I thrived under pressure.

No more.

I choose to thrive and work in love and peace.  Allowing my lungs to breathe fully and deeply, my heart to beat steadily, my stomach to feel relaxed and open, and my thoughts to be supportive and happy.  This is authentic wellness.

If you are a fellow procrastinator, I invite you to join me in letting go of this anti-self-care habit.

Doing so is an act of love.  You are worthy of your own love, your own time and your own attention.  Let’s care for ourselves not just through exercise and green smoothies, but through daily choices that invite peace into our lives.  Are you in?  I am!

What is one action you can take today to begin working ahead in your life?

Can you show up 5-10 minutes early for something today?

Email me at lisa@theconscioushealthcoach and let me know how you are working ahead or how it feels to be early.  I would love to hear how it goes for you.

Let’s hold each other accountable!






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