Self-Care is a Daily Practice

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I feel like a broken record, because I always say this but…Self-care is a daily practice. There is no other way to feel our best than to each and every day do our best to care for ourselves through the practices that work optimally for our bodies and lifestyle. Diets are short-term. Willpower doesn’t last forever. Getting on the latest, greatest exercise bandwagon isn’t sustainable. What is sustainable is to let go of what I like to call, the “All or Nothing” game. The “All or Nothing” game looks like this. We decide to make healthier food choices and then one stressed out afternoon we eat a bag of chips or candy bar. Then we throw in the self-care towel … KEEP READING…

A No Bake Valentine’s Cookie for You!

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Ahhh….love is in the air this week. I realize that not everyone loves Valentine’s Day as much as I do. It has been criticized as a consumerism holiday created to get us to spend money on flowers, cards, candy and more. Single women may feel like the holiday is conspiring against them. Much like Thanksgiving reminds me to be grateful and count my blessings, Valentine’s Day reminds me to be more loving to everyone…including myself. Of course, I want to be grateful and loving each and every day of my life…but these special days serve as a gentle nudge to consider where and how I can be even more so. So, while I am planning a special dinner for my … KEEP READING…

The Best Place to Shop REAL Fresh & Healthy Foods.

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My local tomato source!

This past weekend, I went to see the movie Frozen with my sister.  On the way there, she remarked to me about how confusing it is to know how to eat healthfully.   She had read an article about foods that cause inflammation which contradicted other information she had read previously. This happens frequently.  One day, we read about a study that evokes the benefits of coffee, red wine, or salmon.  The next day we read an article that speaks to the health damaging effects of the same foods.  What is a person to do? Additionally, we are inundated with information about the latest, greatest diets.  Paleo, Raw, Atkins, The Virgin Diet and hundreds, literally hundreds more out there.  My thoughts … KEEP READING…